What We Do

Entertainment is in the DNA of RMP. We have produced original series, docu-dramas and TV movies, episodes of hit television series for clients from all over the world and, of course, RMP original television series and documentaries. Check out a small sample of the content we have done, including our award-winning feature documentaries The Joe Show and Mitchell 20our original television series Edge of War and the new series for Investigation Discovery, Deadly Dentists.
For almost 25 years we have worked with ad agencies, corporations and non-profits on commercials, marketing and fundraising videos, branding and branded content. Using strong narrative and visual direction we persuade viewers, constituents, clients, consumers – humans - to emote and/or act in a certain way. Let’s not mystify it. That’s what we do and we’re good at it. However, our persuasion has an ethos. We believe there is great power in what we do, so you won't see us doing commercials for ambulance chasers or arms manufacturers.
Big or small, we have you covered. We have worked with crews around the world, in all types of conditions and with the strange requests that only our industry hears. Our office and studio being in Phoenix, we have access to all the splendors of Arizona, including phenomenal talent, locations that play for just about every need and, of course, crews that will blow you away.
Content has always been king, but branded content - whether narrative-driven or documentary style - has had a burst of popularity as social media has taken the driver's seat in content distribution. With our extensive documentary and narrative TV experience, clients have been turning to us to help them tell their story in a way that people will want to watch. Here are some examples.
We believe we have amazing powers to influence the masses, to make people see things differently, to tell stories that matter. We believe this power comes with the responsibility to make a positive impact, and so we are trying. We make videos for nonprofits, for educational organizations and for many other good causes.
Our sister company, Postal the Edit Suites, keeps three bays in First Studio with all the latest and greatest toys for Post-Production. Our slate of artists and technicians can help with just about any need from great story editing to compositing, motion graphics, 3D, color and finishing. For clients out of Arizona, we can set–up virtual sessions for review and offer a seamless experience while delivering high-quality at half the rates of LA, NY or SF post houses.