TBT to 2012 Teamwork!

When One is Better Than Many

By Randy Murray

The amazing thing about working in the production industry, in my opinion, also happens to be the most amazing thing about United Way… the power and magic of teamwork.

Be The One

Watching the 2012 United Way video reminds me of the fun – I mean the hard work! – of creating this video. From the camera tests of the transition effect to the crazy production schedule of the shoot and the amazingly long days in the edit, this was just another project that was made possible by the infectious teamwork that is commonplace in the production industry. You won’t find this spirit on every production, yet on most sets – from the smallest corporate video to the biggest budget movies – there is a camaraderie that lifts each member of the team above the abilities they have as individual artists. And that is what works so well with the United Way formula.

This campaign introduced a new theme for Valley of the Sun United Way – “Be The One.” The creative team at RMP took that theme and used it to make the point that together, each one of us is more effective. As a team, we can have a much greater impact than the cumulative impact of our individual contributions. We understand how this works for United Way because we see it work on the set every day. So we decided to visually tell this story. Not only let the various members of the team continue the sentence of other members, but let them continue the walk and work of each other.

Food Pantry

This is not a complex visual effect, but it is a motivated visual effect. The visual is not just eye candy designed to entertain, it is designed to help support the concept of the new theme. Don’t get me wrong – creating eye candy can be a lot of fun. And a lot of fun to watch. This walking effect pales in comparison to some of the more “eye candied” versions that have been created, not the least impressive is Michel Gondry’s music video for Kylie Minogue. I love this video, mostly because I could not have made it. It is just magic when Kylie goes under Kylie’s arm just before Kylie goes under Kylie’s arm again. You have to watch the video to understand that sentence. And you should. In fact, you should watch as much of Michel Gondry’s work as you can. He is a true visual master.

Yet, as talented as Michel Gondry is, I would bet his work is better because he surrounds himself with talented and focused team members, just like when we give to United Way. Watch the full video below to see this teamwork in action. The new theme was so successful that this video became one of the most popular United Way videos we have done. I hope you enjoy it too!


Randy is an award-winning director and producer with a passion for helping others through the power of storytelling. He’s also a political junkie, loves college football, and enjoys performing random magic tricks for children he meets in the street.