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TBT to Y2K and 75 Years of VSUW!

Celebrating 75 Years of Helping By Randy Murray In 2000, we did our fifth United Way video and looking back, I realize that these videos are very much like episodes in a TV series. All TV shows, networks and all forms of media really strive to create communities. We do a lot of work with […]

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Giving: The Healthy Alternative to Partying Like It’s 1999

Giving is Good for Your Health! By Randy Murray Okay, it’s time to feel good about doing good, and I don’t mean you should have to talk yourself into it. I mean we are genetically built to do good and it makes us feel good when we do. I’m not kidding! Just like eating, sleeping and breathing, […]

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TBT to 1998! Finding the Good in What We Do

Finding the Good in What We Do By Randy Murray As we began our third campaign video with United Way, it was starting to become clear that using the power of storytelling to do good in our community – or more specifically to empower those doing good in our community – was not just a […]

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Four Stories That Melt Your Heart. TBT to 1997!

Is That Kool-Aid on the Craft Service Table? By Randy Murray Let’s face it – the words “non-profit ” and “do-gooders” are used derogatorily in some circles. When you are not actively involved with organizations like Valley of the Sun United Way, it is natural to make a few assumptions about the effectiveness of the […]

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Welcome! TBT to the 1996 VSUW Video

Welcome to the RMP Blog! We just finished our 20th campaign for Valley of the Sun United Way and thought it would be fun to start a weekly blog – 20 weeks with one post for each campaign. Ironically, after 20 weeks of celebrating VSUW, it will be 2016 and RMP will be celebrating 25 years of […]

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