Results That Matter – TBT to 2005!

Everything For a Reason By Randy Murray By 2005, we had been doing spots and campaign videos for United Way for ten years. Gone was the surprise at how much good United Way was doing here in the Valley and how our caring community was impacting so many lives. After ten years, however, I was […]

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TBT to 2004! A Little About Storytelling

The Creative Process and a Good Team By Randy Murray Technology has made it so easy to create beautiful images and edit them together that most people now assume these are the tools and steps of storytelling. But storytelling is so much more. The exercise of reviewing the fundraising videos we created for United Way […]

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Friendly House

Changing Lives For the Better, Forever! TBT to 2003

The Science of Storytelling By Randy Murray The Answer is a Question. As a storyteller (or, if you prefer, content developer) it doesn’t matter if it is a feature length project or a 30 second spot – I always start the process by asking the client this question: what do you want the viewer to […]

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TBT to 2002 and Powerful Visuals

It Takes a Village… and Friends We Find There By Randy Murray Looking back at the 2002 United Way video, the project and the content remind me of the old saying ‘it takes a village.’ Smart Villagers This video really shows how United Way leads our community in bringing resources together so that we all […]

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Giving Transcends Rich and Poor. TBT to 2001!

Why I Love Celine Dion By Randy Murray I find it so interesting how the willingness to give and the joys associated with being generous cross all economic stations. Looking back at this video, I found several great examples of this: two families who lived in two very different neighborhoods who gave to United Way […]

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